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Common Questions

We award prizes to nurseries/preschools. Prizes vary from competition to competition, but have included large cash prizes and resources. Prizes are awarded once a competition has closed for that year, so winners are announced after all the books in that year's series have been published. Have a look at the winners' section of the website to find out more! Parents do not have to buy a copy of the book their child is in to be published, and their child's nursery/preschool will still be in with a chance of winning a prize as long as they are published. Copyright remains with the author. We also provide every nursery/preschool a copy of the book that their children's work features in to ensure every child has the opportunity to see their work in print.

My First Poem aims to encourage and inspire children to engage in poetry writing. We run national competitions and provide free resources nurseries and parents.

You can find out more about us here.

No. All we require to publish your child's work is a signed Copyright/Permission form returned to us by the deadline stated in the correspondence that was sent to you.

No. Ordering a book is not a condition of publication. As long as the signed Copyright/Permission form is returned to us their work will be included. All nursery/ preschools with published children will receive a free copy of the book their children feature in so that parents, teachers and children can see the work in print.

If you have missed the deadline on the form please contact us as soon as possible, although we work to deadlines we will do all we can to include your child's work.

Please contact us and we will send you a replacement Copyright/Permission form, or provide you with your online login details.

The price of the book reflects the time and cost that goes in to producing them.

Our editorial team read all of the work that is submitted to us, all the poems have to be typed, typesets have to be sent to parents and then corrected when they get back to us. Our design team create covers for each book. Once all this is done we have to print the books, which are printed in house. Please refer to your Copyright/Permissions form for details of book prices.

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